Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lissa and Court wedding!

Oh take me back to Vegas where the weather is warm and beautiful. Where it ISN'T snowing on March 30th! Where the warm sun brings happiness to my heart and color to my skin. I have become pasty white in these last few dull, lightless, and cold months. I went to the tanning salon a couple of weeks ago. I definitely got some color, but the tanning beds always seem to bring out my freckles and FINE LINES that are starting to appear on my face. So I am faced with the choice between being unhealthily white OR being wrinkly, freckly and tan. I can't decide which to choose since neither are very good options.


After much anticipation and a missed flight, I made it out to Vegas to shoot Lissa and Court's awesome wedding. YES, I missed my flight. Luckily I always fly into my destination weddings the day before the wedding in case of unplanned things happening. And the missed flight was definitely unplanned. I was able to get on "stand-by" and I made it on the next flight headed for Vegas. I got there with plenty of time to make it out to our desert bridal shoot that we had planned.

I had a specific goal with Lissa and Court's wedding. And that was not only to capture THEM on their wedding day, but also capture their families, details, and moments that made their day so special.

It was a great wedding and I am so glad I was able to be a part of it.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Loves of my life.

I just got my most WANTED lens in the mail the other day. Thank you B & H photo for having the best prices on EXPENSIVE lenses and NOT charging me sales tax.

I snapped these pictures to test out the lens. When I loaded them on my computer and saw them I got a little teary. I can't explain the love I have for these two individuals in my life.

My sweet little Vi, who despite her naughtiness, brings a smile to my face EVERYDAY. And never fails to make me laugh.

And my husband, who is such a sincere, honest, and amazing person. Who treats me like a queen, and who is a wonderful father.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Why can't I think of something good to say??

Okay, so it has to be said. I am NOT good at writing clever and funny things with each of my photo shoot posts. I look at so many photographer's blogs who always have such fabulous and creative things to write about each of their shoots. And I love to read what they write, and I wish I could be creative and write clever and great things too.

Hmmmm, I just can't think of things to write. I have my thoughts in my head, and things I could verbalize, but writing them out in a eloquent and fun way is not my strong point.

So I apologize for my lack of creative writing skills. Until I get better at writing my thoughts in a way that might interest people, I will stick with my great one liners like:

"Shot this wedding at Mt. Timp Temple."

"Here's a cute baby I photographed the other day."

"Modeling shots for portfolio."

LET IT BE KNOWN that I do dearly love my clients and my profession!! I hope my lame-O writing skills don't put doubt into anyone's mind!

Blogs I love to look at because of the great images, AND the great writing skills....

Kate Benson.....she is hilarious and says it like it is. Read her most current blog post where she calls the baby a " little pooper." Hilarious. She'll bust out a swear word every now and again. Say things like she wants to "chop off the hand" of the thief who stole her skis out of her garage. It's refreshing to read the writings of someone who doesn't hold back and isn't afraid of what other people think.

Jasmine Starr......if she wasn't a photographer, she could definitely be a writer. I swear, it would take me 3 months to write one of her fabulously eloquent blog posts.

Amy Wenzel....super funny. She posts pictures but she doesn't even comment about them. She will say whatever is on her mind. Random and quite funny things. One time she wrote an entire post about Mr. T and his "pity the fool" saying. Random indeed. But entertaining nonetheless.

Davina Fear.....she is SO thoughtful about each of her blog posts. She says beautiful and GENUINE things about her clients. She really gets to know them and their qualities. She isn't always saying "this bride is so gorgeous" or "this shoot was so fun" or "we had good weather for this shoot." She will say things about the true nature of her what they like to do, what their good qualities are, interesting facts about them etc.

Anyways, this is my sound-off for the week. Enjoy my delicious writing skills for I will not be writing anything else anytime soon:) Ha ha!


This lovely girl is trying out to be on Allyse's Bridal Fashion Team.

Go Sydney!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lissa's Bridals, part two.

This is Lissa's "part two" bridal shoot. Her first bridal shoot was shot in Utah, and can be seen HERE. But since Lissa is from Vegas, we couldn't resist doing a session there as well.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back from Vegas!

I'm home after shooting a beautiful wedding in Las Vegas!! What a great time I had with the fabulous Lissa and Court.

I will be posting more this week (and I absolutely can't wait to start working on these images!)

Until then.....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A few more....

I just finished editing Mal's pictures, and these images really stood out to me.

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