Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Stone and LeAnne

Stone and LeAnne...what a beautiful and awesome couple. Both of them are so kind and genuine. LeAnne is a hair stylist and met Stone from cutting his hair. And now they are married! LeAnne's beauty is seriously mind blowing. You will see as you scroll through the pictures. And Stone is SO incredibly sweet and good to her. Their wedding was at Thanksgiving Point in the "Hidden Falls" area. It was seriously amazing. SOOO beautiful. And I loved being able to photograph all of it.

Shots from my new assitant...

I'm so excited to have a new assistant working with me! Here are some of her fabulous shots from Stone and LeAnne's wedding. I had her come shoot with me at this wedding as a "trial run." And after seeing her work, she's definitely hired!

One of the coolest and most beautiful shots of the day.....

Friday, July 27, 2007

Admired by Beckstead.

So I'm a little excited to announce that two of my photographs were chosen to be on world-reknowned photographer David Beckstead's special website called "Admired By Beckstead." David Beckstead is an AMAZING photographer and was recently named one of the top 10 photographers in the world by Popular Photography and Imaging Magazine. You can read the article here: LINK

His website ADMIRED BY BECKSTEAD is so cool because it is a collection of some very inspiring and amazing photography from all over the world.

So I feel really honored that one...David would even look at my stuff. And two...that he would feature it on his Admired by Beckstead site.

To see my pictures on his website go to www.admiredbybeckstead.com
And then click on the Bride and Groom category. And there you will see these two images: Be sure to click on them and read what he has to say about them:)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The wedding albums

In case you are a prospective client, and haven't seen one of my awesome wedding albums I thought I would share a few pictures of them. These albums are SO incredible and I am so proud to offer such high-quality albums to my clients. There are dozens of genuine leather covers to choose from (everything from suede, to distressed, to funky leather colors). And different options for your page gilding colors. And the inset cameo pictures are SO cool. I really can't rave enough about these albums!

Check 'em out....

A classic ivory album with black gilding, and a funky red album with white gilding...
My album designs are ALWAYS simple and clean. Less is always more in my opinion! I am NOT a fan of over-designing and cramming in a ton of pictures. I think albums have much more impact and are so much more classy when only a few key images are used on each page. Here's what I'm talking about....

I LOVE that my albums lay flat when you are looking through them (no matter what page you are on)....
And each page is printed on archival quality photographic paper, and then mounted onto a hard surface with no visible edges showing. Clean and perfect....
Here is an album with black page gilding. You also have the choice of silver, gold, or white gilding. I can't wait to see my most recent album when it's completed. My client picked Eggplant Purple suede, with silver page gilding. SAWEET!
Aren't they awesome?! I just LOVE them. I will also be offering some very classy matted albums starting in January of '08. These are equally as fabulous and I'm super excited about offering these too:)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

David and Emma

These two kids were so dang cute. Little Emma reminds me of my Violet. Fair skinned with eyes that aren't really brown, or blue, but somewhere in between.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


We did Natacha's bridals in the height of the summer wildfires. The air was nasty, but I think it looks ultra cool in the pictures. You can't even see the mountains, which kind of makes it look like we aren't in Utah.

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